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The project “Quando andavamo in miniera. Immagini e voci dei paesaggi minerari storici della Comunità Alta Valsugana e Bersntol” (When we used to go down the mine. Images and voices from the historic mining landscapes of the Comunità di Valle Alta Valsugana and Bersntol (the local government of Upper Valsugana and Bersntol) has been promoted by Ecomuseo Argentario with the support of the Comunità di Valle Alta Valsugana and Bersntol and has been carried out with the financial contribution of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio of Trento and Rovereto.

The main purpose of the project is the collection and promotion of images and pictures relating to the landscapes that have been created through the historic mining (mines and quarries), thanks to the cooperation of associations and cultural realities in the area.

The collection of digital copies of the material – pictures, postcards or other illustrations, topographic, geologic and cadastral maps, plans, projects, surveys that have been conducted from the late 19th century to the present day – has taken place between October and December 2016 in libraries and reading places in the district and will involve public bodies, associations and private citizens. Elderly people, former miners in the quarries and mines and enthusiasts of underground exploration have been interviewed in the meantime.

The collected material has been recast between January and April 2017 and has been used to create commodities available to the entire population: a dedicated section with the illustrations in the online archive “Archivio Iconografico dei paesaggi di Comunità” (Iconographic Archive of the lanscapes of the district); the dedicated YouTube channel “Racconti di Miniera” (Tales from the Mine) with the videotaped interviews; a photo exhibition and the publication of summaries.

Moreover, thanks to the cooperation with the Fondazione Museo storico del Trentino (Foundation of the history museum in Trentino) the videotaped interviews will be published on the website of the “Archivio on-line del Novecento trentino” (On-line Archive of the 19th Century in Trentino) and an interview has been broadcast on History Lab, a theme channel run by the Fondazione itself. È 

Anyone wishing to lend material, tell their experience or simply receive further information can contact Ecomuseo Argentario or:

Dr. Katia Lenzi

lenkatia@yahoo.it - 328.9481390

Comunità Alta Valsugana e Bersntol - Servizio Urbanistica

servizio.urbanistica@comunita.altavalsugana.tn.it - 0461.519530 

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