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21 DIC '15

At the end of 2014 the Science Museum of Trento – MUSE published 4 short stories which were created thanks to the project Storie preistoriche (Prehistoric stories), written by the young archaeologist Giorgia Cappelletti and illustrated by Erica Patauner.

The purpose of this project is to teach youngsters the prehistory of their own area through short stories that are set in some of the most important archaeological sites in Trentino: landscapes, plants, animals, the clothes worn by the main characters and everyday objects have been meticulously chosen according to the data obtained by archaeological expeditions.

The project relies on many collaborations, such as those with the University of Trento, the Science Museum of Trento – MUSE, the Pile-dwelling Museum of Lake di Ledro, the Paneveggio and Pale di San Martino Natural Park, the Association Bubamara and the Andromeda art studio.

Ecomuseo Argentario itself was an active partner and hosted one of the chosen “sets” for the stories in its area: the Riparo Gaban in Martignano. In the story “La magia del flauto” (The magic of the flute) a little huntress who live at Gaban meets a you boy who comes from the plains: the big achievements of the Neolithic will sound to the young Lin as an incredible act of magic…

Whoever is interested in buying the book can write to info@ecoargentario.it or visit the Library in Civezzano. There are discounts for school classes.

Under this project two Archaeological Days at Riparo Gaban were organized in summer 2014 and 2015 which included a guided tour of the archaeological site, workshops for youngsters and demonstration of experimental archaeology.