L’Altipiano del Calisio-Argentario su cui si estende l’Ecomuseo è attraversato da una fitta rete di sentieri con dislivelli altimetrici minimi che lo rendono accessibile a tutti, anche in bici o a cavallo.

L’Ecomuseo offre ai suoi visitatori diversi itinerari tematici, alcuni dei quali corredati da pannelli illustrativi o segnalati attraverso i classici segnavia bianchi e rossi tipo SAT-CAI: la rete escursionistica  sull’altopiano copre attualmente circa 180 Km.

Scarica qui la mappa con tutti gli itinerari dell'Ecomuseo Argentario. 


Itinerary 09 - Biotopo Monte Barco

6 APR '16

The nature reserve of Monte Barco is named after the mountain of the same name, which is 914-meter high.

It borders with the big quarryng area of Albiano to the east and it’s been established to preserve an extraordinary environment threatened by the ongoing expansion of porphyry quarries. This is indeed a particularly pleasant and relaxing area of the Plateau, with no buildings and completely covered with intricate woods of conifers and broadleaves that slowly grew on abandoned meadows and grasslands during the last century.

In the valleys dug in the porphyry by ancient glaciers there are as many as 21 wetlands, each of them with its own features. The most extended ones are Palù Gros (which during the ‘80s of the last century was temporarily transformed into a small lake by building an embankment) and Palù Longa. Investigations made in the past in some of the peat bogs have verified the presence of a substantial two-or-three-meter thick peat bog deposit.

From a naturalistic point of view, these wetlands represent an exceptional heritage both for the presence of lots of species of rare plants and for the reproduction of amphibians like the yellow-bellied toad and birds like the water rail

  • Distance: 4,5 km
  • Time: 2 ore
  • Ascent: 150 m